Courses in SA

Level 1: Getting Things Done® Training Programme


Day 1: Fundamentals of Workflow Managementlevel1

  • Learn the clear thinking habits, organising tools and next-action strategies to move all your work and life areas forward in a focused and sustainable way.
  • Progress and perspective put you in calm control of the multiple demands on your time and energy.
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm with best practices for professional and personal work-flow management based on 30 years of hands-on research and delivery in Fortune 500 companies
  • Full preparation and groundwork laid for Day 2 Installation Lab


Day 2: Full Installation Lab

  • A guided set-up of your own personal GTD® work, email and life management system (paper and electronic options available)
  • Everybody leaves the training with a working, world class methodology for fast and calm productivity
  • Begin implementing optimum action, project, email and calendar management
  • Get actual work done on your own tasks and emails as you go through the set-up process
  • Learn how to clear and keep back-log at bayL1 Materials
  • Learn and apply clear steps to overcome procrastination and overwhelm


Day 3: Implementation Workday (Digital classroom)

  • An on-line guided Implementation Day where you can work at your own pace
  • This is a full workday in a quiet meeting room (or at your desk), cleared of all meetings and distractions to implement fresh learning and high performing systems
  • Get to Inbox Zero and clear your email backlog with the new skills and tools from Day 1 and 2
  • Deal with urgent matters, and get on top of your workload scheduling and prioritizing using the Threefold Nature of Work
  • We suggest that you include this day in your “Out of Office” notification period to signal to your clients and colleagues that you are still on training. Book out a meeting room for yourself and/or your team (highly recommended), or work at your desk if you can do so undisturbed (use earphones to not disturb others)


90 Minute Guided Weekly Review

  • A 90 minute presentation of The Weekly Review
  • Full and practical walk-thru of this Keystone GTD habit


6 Months Email Support

  • Assistance with application and implementation
  • Habitbuilder® and Knowledgebuilder® Series
  • Ongoing GTD® learning input and support


Public Courses

Public enrollment courses are being rolled out across South Africa. Contact us if you would like to receive notifications of courses

 Corporate Trainings

Companies of all sizes in South Africa and across the world are signing up for on-site trainings, and watching their teams and cultures establish calm control and productivity. Contact us for more information on how we can help your company.