Overwhelm and stress are not good for life or business…


Give yourself and your team a better skill set to manage the load.


World leading GTD® training is designed to…

  • Cut down costly deadline failures, dropped balls, email chaos and staff burnout
  • Boost group performance, accountability and co-worker trust by having a common action-language
  • Shorten meetings, with focused discussions leading to agreed Next Actions and clear ownershipGTD Book
  • Out-perform traditional “time management” approaches with GTD® systems and Next Action thinking habits
  • Give calm control – Cognitive science and international best practices applied in the 5 Steps of Workflow Management
  • Tackle procrastination and overcome work backlog systematically


GTD® training programs have helped thousands of people get busy in-boxes to zero, manage multiple balls in the air with calm control, and find clear head-space amidst the modern rush. Bestselling author David Allen is widely recognized as the world leader in executive and knowledge worker productivity.


High praise for GTD® from South African participants:


“I have seen it all in the training world, and this is of the best quality training and presentation I have seen in the past decade” (Business owner)

“My company is large and expanding, with many balls in the air. After the training I have noticed that I am leaving those balls at work – not taking them home with me. It is “handled” by my trusted GTD® system” (CEO)

“The most impact full and productive training I have been on to date.” (Senior Manager)

ActionCo (Pty) Ltd is the only South African company licensed and trained to offer the game-changing GTD® methodology developed by David Allen.


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